A deal struck between the Victorian Government and Motorola Solutions has begun an upgrade and extension to the Metropolitan Mobile Radio network (MMR).

This critical network provides radio voice communications for the Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. The network comprises 83 infrastructure base stations supporting over 8,000 vehicle radio sets. Part of the upgrade involved replacing the 48V DC power systems within each of the base stations. Importantly, the radio equipment needed to remain operational during each upgrade.

Charged with delivering the DC power plant upgrades, CPS National utilised temporary power supplies and live cut overs to complete the work and maintain operations. Each location needed to be completed in a single sitting. As a single installation could take up to 20 hours, split shifts and a rotation of electricians were required, mitigating fatigue risks.

The total project was completed without interruption to the MMR network.

Download the PDF here