Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

CPS National, as part of Ampcontrol Group has entered into a joint venture with Australia’s leading Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS) utility, Horizon Power, to form Boundary Power.

Boundary Power is at the forefront of SAPS development; combining the businesses’ collective design, technology, construction, deployment, and operations expertise to deliver a new, innovative series of SAPS solutions to the market.

Boundary Power’s suite of SAPS solutions include the Nano SAPS designed for smaller loads, the Solar Cube SAPS a quick deployment solution, the R-Series SAPS a scalable solution designed for large loads and the Kiosk SAPS an all-purpose, all-climate off-grid solution. Each of Boundary Power’s SAPS solutions are enabling utilities to permanently remove poles and wires from their networks.

Solar Cube

Designed to supply power to medium loads, Solar Cube is a popular solution to power problems encountered within households, remote workshops, agricultural and utility situations.

r-series stand-alone power system

SAPS R-Series

Designed to supply power to larger loads, SAPS R-Series are a popular solution to utility and commercial scale remote power applications.


Designed to power smaller loads in harsh remote locations, the Nano SAPS robust and weather proof design sees it a popular power source for remote rail signalling, remote telecommunications, and small farming loads.

Kiosk SAPS

The Kiosk SAPS is an all-purpose, all-climate off-grid power solution. With a Category D Wind rating, it is resilient to Australia’s extreme and harsh weather conditions and can be deployed anywhere in Australia.

Solar Cube

Solar Cube’s modular design is key to its diverse application. The systems folding structure and plug and play commissioning facilitates a quick and simple on-site installation process. The integration of a back-up diesel generator, inverter, batteries and remote monitoring capabilities ensure a reliable off-grid power solution.

Designed to provide a reliable, off-grid power supply to medium loads, the Solar Cube provides significant benefit when utilised to support remote communities, agriculture, utility and telecommunication applications.


  • Modular, folding design that facilitates quick and easy installation
  • Plug and play commissioning, allowing simple replacement in the event off-site maintenance should be required
  • Integrated generator, batteries and inverter ensures reliable off-grid performance
  • Integrated remote monitoring and control capability

Standardised Specifications:

  • Supply – Single phase 26.5kW consisting of 15kW generator supply, 7.5kW battery supply and 4kW solar supply at 25 degrees Celsius
  • 60 minute rating – 8kW
  • Footprint – Transport 2.5m x 2.3m, Installed 5m x 7.1m
Solar cube stand alone power system
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Single Day Commissioning

The Solar Cube goes from back of truck to supplying load in just 76 minutes.

SAPS R-Series

The largest of the SAPS offerings, the SAPS R-Series is a robust stand-alone solution designed to completely replace the traditional mains power supply powering large loads.

Designed as an adaptable solution to power large loads, the SAPS R-Series is available in standardised 10kVA and 25kVA variants (larger and customised systems also available).

The addition of remote monitoring and control capabilities ensure the SAPS R-Series offering is an ideal solution for commercial and utility scale application where a connection to the traditional overhead network is unfeasible.


  • Single or three phase power
  • Custom designed to suit individual site requirements
  • Remote monitoring and control capabilities
  • Single control module manages power sources seamlessly
SAPS r series stand alone power system cps national
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Designed as a power solution for utilisation within harsh, remote environments, the Nano SAPS was engineered with adaptability in mind.

Outputting 240VAC, the Nano SAPS is designed to power small loads with the systems small footprint providing ease of transportation, ensuring remote area suitability. A robust and weatherproof design coupled with a simple ‘plug and play’ commissioning process and integrated remote monitoring capabilities ensures a complete, off-grid stand-alone power solution.

Given its small stature, this system provides significant benefit to remote agricultural applications including providing power to small pumps and electric fences as well as remote rail and telecommunications applications.


  • Small footprint providing ease of transportation and remote area suitability
  • Simple plug and play commissioning
  • Completely off-grid, stand-alone solution
  • Outputs 240VAC
  • Remote monitoring and control integration
  • Robust and weatherproof design
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SAPS nano cube stand alone power system cps national

Kiosk SAPS

The Kiosk SAPS is an all-purpose, all-climate off-grid power solution. With a Category D Wind rating, it is resilient to Australia’s extreme and harsh weather conditions and can be deployed anywhere in Australia.

It is the perfect utility grade alternative power solution for remote or small communities – helping transition communities from diesel generated power, to clean, quiet and reliable power.

Its quick deployment design makes it a sustainable power solution to aid in the immediate and long-term recovery of communities following a major disaster, such as a bush fire.


  • Load flexibility and capacity (20kW-120kW+) able to deliver larger load demands to single, split or three phase, with high overload and overcurrent capacity.
  • Customisable to suit specific site requirements.
  • Low maintenance costs through remote monitoring and control, enabling many issues to be resolved remotely.
  • Centralised control system manages power sources seamlessly.
  • Category D Wind Rated and suitable for deployment anywhere in Australia.
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kiosk Stand-Alone Power System

With a proven track record in the design, deployment and ongoing operations and management of SAPS across a range of industries, the Boundary Power team will work with you to deliver a tailored SAPS solution which meets your energy needs now and into the future.

For more information on Boundary Power’s SAPS offerings, click here.

Project Focus – Utilising Solar Power to Provide Continuous Power to Remote Communications System

SAPS communications stand alone power system cps national

CPS National was contracted by Kordia – Defence to supply materials and installation of solar panels, regulators, batteries, battery enclosures and inverters to two sites at the Bradshaw Defence Training Areas in the Northern Territory.

Installers were onsite to construct and install a solar remote area power system to continuously supply power to Defence communication systems. Sites were located on the Southern and Northern ridges of the valley. Access to the remote locations was only available via helicopter which flew the materials and installers in daily.

On completion of the project, a continuous power supply to the Defence communications system by solar powered backup was achieved. This provided uninterrupted communication between the sites in a remote area.

Download the PDF here

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