SAPS Operations and Maintenance

To protect the longevity of an installed Stand Alone Power System (SAPS), the development of a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan is crucial. Regular O&M servicing helps to ensure continued, efficient output from your stand alone power system.

Benefits of a comprehensive O&M program include:

  • Increased asset revenue through plant optimisation
  • Long-term protection of your asset
  • Continued compliance in the event of changes to the regulatory environment
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Advanced Inspection and Thermal Imaging Capabilities

Utilising drone based technology, CPS National provide clients with a comprehensive solar PV inspection and thermal imaging offering, helping to ensure your investment continues to operate efficiently. Thermal imaging technology assists in the identification of ‘hot spots’, or areas within the solar PV panel that are dissipating energy rather than capturing it. These ‘hot spots’ are often symptomatic of poor panel performance at large. The early identification of these symptoms allows our specialist technicians to correct any issues before they begin to impact heavily on asset revenue.

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Detailed System Reporting

CPS National clients can expect detailed annual system reporting as an inclusion in their Operations and Maintenance plan. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the key performance data achieved by your plant, allowing you to easily interpret the value your stand alone power system is providing.

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Environmental and Safety Considerations

At CPS National, we understand that every stand alone power system installation encompasses its own unique environmental characteristics. Our on-site environmental and safety offering includes services such as vegetation clearing, amongst others, with our team working closely with our clients to understand the needs specific to their installation, ensuring the best possible outcome for their investment.

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Remote Area Subcontracting

We’re advocates for the engagement of the local communities in which we operate. Whenever circumstances allow, we’ll seek to subcontract works to our professional local partners. Engaging with these communities results in a number of local area community benefits, whilst further minimising plant downtime for our clients.

For further information on our Operations and Maintenance plans designed to improve the performance of your stand alone power system asset, contact us.

Project Focus – Analysis of Solar Panels Following Mechanical Cleaning

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Engaged by SunPower, and in conjunction with SunBrush, CPS National looked at the condition of PV solar panels prior to, and after cleaning.

The range of testing took place on-site with the panels insitu, and included:

  • Electroluminescence (EL) tests
  • I-V curve tracing against Standard Test Condition (STC)
  • Gloss meter reflectance test

EL testing inspects the panels for physical damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye, with the post result showing no damage. After cleaning, both the I-V curve trace and gloss meter reading showed improved results.

Download the PDF here

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