Remote Monitoring Capabilities

By nature, off-grid and Stand Alone Power Systems are often located in remote, difficult to access locations. These systems, like any power generation source, need to be routinely monitored to ensure operational efficiency. However, accessibility issues make onsite monitoring visits challenging, costly operations. The ability to integrate remote monitoring capabilities into these systems can result in substantial cost and time savings.

How does it work?

Remote monitoring technology allows for the constant monitoring of key data recorded by a system situated within a remote location without the need for on-site attendance. Utilising either 4G or satellite technology, remote monitoring systems transmit critical operational data in real time, allowing remotely located users to monitor and act on any operational discrepancies.

What does it monitor?

Remote monitoring technology is used to monitor any data critical to the systems operational continuity. The application of remote monitoring technology within stand alone power systems allows for consistent monitoring of mission critical elements such as:

  • Battery power storage levels
  • Solar PV efficiency
  • Diesel levels within back-up diesel generator

CPS National can install remote monitoring technology into new and existing off-grid and stand alone power systems to ensure continuous, round-the-clock monitoring capabilities.

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Project Focus – Increasing Remote Monitoring Capabilities

remote telco dc power saps

CPS National were contracted by Fortescue Metals Group to design and upgrade existing DC power equipment and batteries located within FMG’s remote Radio Base Stations (RBS), ensuring increased system reliability and improved remote monitoring capabilities.

Located south-east of Port Hedland, Western Australia, the RBS sites are situated alongside FMG’s mainline railway. Due to their remote location, these sites are powered by solar and battery alone.

CPS National successfully upgraded the sites existing DC power equipment before re-configuring the sites existing solar panels to maximise their capacity, integrating state of the art solar equipment that maximised output whilst also boosting remote monitoring capabilities.

Download the PDF here