Digital Hub Containerised Remote Communications

The Digital Hub is an off-grid containerised remote connection kiosk that links those living in remote locations by connecting people, providing education and making available the broader opportunities of a connected society.

Acting as a power and communications hub, the Digital Hub is designed to support remote communities, providing community members with access to the internet, including important educational and wellbeing support that has otherwise been largely inaccessible.

containerised remote communications
satellite communications

Multiple satellite bandwidth options


WiFi: short and long range


Multiple power options

remote locations

Delivered complete onto site

240V power

Plug and play

engineering design

Customisable and scalable

A Range of Standard Configurations Available

The Remote Communications Hub is engineered as a standard or typical unit that allows for reconfiguration and scalability to service the needs of the community.

Containerised remote off grid communications 20ft

20ft Container

Containerised remote off grid communications 40ft

40ft Container

Containerised remote off grid communications

2 x 20ft Container

Containerised remote off grid communications 10ft

10ft Container

Key Features

  • Satellite communications provides broadband internet 24/7
  • WiFi: short and long range
  • Up to 4 workstations including computer, desk and chair
  • Air conditioned room ideal for medical centre, office or classroom
  • Scalable and modular in design
  • Source of power: 240V AC and USB charging ports
  • Internal and external lighting

Power Options

The unit uses a stand-alone hybrid power supply utilising:

  • photovoltaic solar power generation
  • battery storage
  • diesel back-up generator
  • 240V mains power adapter
  • power quality and voltage optimisation inbuilt
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Benefits – Regional and Remote Communities

Available and reliable communication through internet connectivity is an important requirement for a wide range of reasons throughout the world. At the same time Australia aspires to higher standards and better outcomes for remote and Indigenous communities and Closing the Gap for Indigenous equality.

To this end, Digital Hub hosts a range of community and health benefits beyond simply providing an internet connection.

remote water filtration health

Better Health and Wellbeing

The availability of a connected technology hub provides remote communities with the facilities required to access health and social services that are readily available to communities situated in urban locations. These opportunities include access to legal support programs and the increased availability of physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing support.



The Digital Hub is designed to provide a safe and connected facility, of which can support students in remote communities to undertake and complete schooling, trade and further education. The integrated technology within the Digital Hub facility equips school-age students with the resources to successfully undertake key developmental stages of their education such as pre-schooling and childhood development and school-aged literacy and numeracy programs. The facilities integrated technologies can also support community members to pursue tertiary education or further work-ready training opportunities as required.

remote water filtration community

Local Community

In addition to the educational opportunities provided by the Digital Hub, the facility can also be utilised by the community for workplace opportunities. The communications hub can be utilised to support community members completing work-readiness programs or other business activities. Increased access to educational and training opportunities has the potential to positively benefit the lives of many living within these remote communities.

remote water filtration health wifi

Community Infrastructure

Beyond providing structured communications, Digital Hub can become a piece of critical remote infrastructure by extending its power and communications capability to provide added benefits to the wider community through the Wi-Fi hotspot and USB charging ports in the unit.

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