Microgrids are a technology key to Australia’s transition towards a more efficient and flexible energy generation network. By design, microgrids are a subset of the wider traditional power grid however possess the capability to operate as an autonomous, off-grid power generation source when required.

Microgrids integrate a number of different advanced energy generation technologies including Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and inverters to capture, store and discharge energy emitted by the sun through the traditional distribution grid to which it’s connected.

The adaptability provided by microgrid technology offers significant value to its insertion into isolated or ‘fringe-of-grid’ communities. The self-sufficient power generation capabilities offer a more efficient and reliable source of power for these remote communities, whilst also providing the flexibility to alleviate demand from the traditional power distribution grid during peak periods.

Furthermore, the systems adaptability offers significant value in the event of extreme weather events that regularly cause severe damage to existing power infrastructure. The ability to ‘island’ an otherwise isolated community on its own reliable power supply reduces the costs and risks associated with the deployment of rapid response teams to re-establish power supply.

solar PV farm EPC 1MW

CPS National have extensive experience supplying and installing all key technologies integrated within a typical microgrid project. From Solar PV panels to Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), the CPS National team will work to ensure the efficient installation of all facets of your microgrid project.

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Project Focus – Engineer, Procure and Construct of 1.05MW Solar Farm – Onslow Stage Two

onslow stage 2 microgrid

Deemed to be one of Australia’s largest and most advanced microgrid projects, Horizon Power, Western Australia’s regional grid operator has brought together a mix of gas-fired power, utility-scale solar and battery storage in the town of Onslow.

CPS National was contracted by Horizon Power for the full engineer, procure and construct (EPC) of the 1.05MW AC / 1.114MWp solar farm that was connected to the new module 5.25MW gas fired power station. Completed in 2019 the project delivers enough reliable power for half the towns residences.

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