Off-Grid and Stand-Alone Power Systems

CPS National design and manufacture a range of off-grid and Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS) to cater for differing load and infrastructure requirements. Our engineered products provide viable solutions to a diverse range of off-grid power applications, including domestic, farming and light industrial. All our systems include remote monitoring capabilities.

Our standardised designs form a basis for customised solutions – reducing engineering and manufacturing costs for the customer. Despite being engineered to standardised specifications, our solutions contain customiseable elements including solar and battery kilowatt levels, AC and DC voltage and diesel generation integration where required.

SAPS solar cube stand alone power system illustration

Solar Cube SAPS

SAPS stand alone power system illustration

R-Series SAPS

Key Capabilities

CPS National remote area critical power

Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

CPS National remote area critical power


CPS National remote area critical power

SAPS Operations & Maintenance

CPS National remote area critical power

Remote Monitoring

Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS)

CPS National’s Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS) are self-sufficient power generation systems designed to provide a continuous, reliable power supply to an isolated consumption source.

Designed to replace the traditional ‘pole and wires’ grid connection, SAPS utilise an array of technology including solar PV panels, inverters and battery storage to supply a consistent, clean, off-grid power source. The integration of a reserve diesel generator ensures continuous and autonomous operation.

CPS National have designed and engineered three variations of the Stand-Alone Power System, the Nano SAPS to power small loads, the Solar Cube to power medium loads and the SAPS R-Series, a scalable solution designed to power larger loads.

SAPS solar cube stand alone power system cps national

Solar Cube

Designed to supply power to medium loads, CPS National’s Solar Cube is a popular solution to power problems encountered within households, remote workshops, agricultural and utility situations.

SAPS r-series stand alone power system cps national

SAPS R-Series

Designed to supply power to larger loads, CPS National’s SAPS R-Series are a popular solution to utility and commercial scale remote power problems.

SAPS nano stand alone power system


Designed to power smaller loads in harsh remote locations, the Nano SAPS robust and weather proof design sees it a popular power source for remote telecommunications and small farming loads.

For more information on CPS National’s Stand Alone Power System solutions, click here.

SAPS Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

To protect the longevity of an installed Stand-Alone Power System, the development of a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan is crucial. Regular O&M servicing helps to ensure continued, efficient output from your Stand-Alone Power System.

CPS National provide clients with a comprehensive O&M plan, of which includes the following benefits:

For further detail on CPS National’s comprehensive O&M offering, click here.


Microgrids are a technology key to Australia’s transition towards a more efficient and flexible energy generation network. By design, microgrids are a subset of the wider traditional power grid, however the integration of a suite of advanced energy generation technologies provide the capability to operate as an autonomous, off-grid power generation source when required.

CPS National have amassed significant experience supplying and installing the key technologies integrated within microgrid projects. For more information on the technologies integrated within a typical microgrid project and CPS National’s design, manufacture and installation experience within this space, click here.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

By nature, off-grid and standalone power systems are often located in remote, difficult to access locations. These systems, like any power generation source, need to be routinely monitored to ensure operational efficiency. However, accessibility issues make onsite monitoring visits challenging, costly operations.

CPS National have amassed extensive experience in the installation of remote monitoring technology into both new and existing off-grid and stand alone power systems, ensuring continuous, round-the-clock monitoring capabilities. For more information on our remote monitoring capabilities, click here.

Project Focus – Exmouth Golf Club

SAPS exmouth GC stand alone power system cps national

CPS National was contracted to engineer, procure and construct a stand alone power system for utility provider Horizon Power in Exmouth,
Western Australia. With only one customer per 58km², Horizon Power serves the world’s largest and most sparsely populated utility service territory. Historically, the only feasible way to electrify at scale such large regional areas involved a traditional ‘poles and wires’ network.

The safe and cost effective off grid solution provides utilities with a new asset class which can be effectively deployed in regional and remote areas.

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