Operations and Maintenance

An Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan should be developed and adhered to in order to maintain efficient output from the Solar PV plant. Effective O&M programs provides many valuable benefits including:

  • Increased asset revenue through plant production optimisation
  • Long-term protection of asset 
  • Ongoing compliance with any regulatory alterations

CPS National provide a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance program to ensure sustained efficient operation of the solar PV plant. 

asset condition safety monitoring

Our services include:

Plant-Wide PV and Storage

CPS National offer a comprehensive and technically astute approach to O&M. As engineering and solar EPC experts, we have the know-how to maintain a solar PV asset to the highest standard. In addition, we have a battery and DC pedigree that allows us to ensure optimal performance across not only the array, but the electrical system and storage modules.

Electroluminescence and Thermal Imaging

Utilising drone based technology, we can provide a comprehensive inspection and thermal imaging service to ensure solar PV investments continue to operate efficiently. Thermal imaging technology is utilised to identify ‘hot spots’ which are symptomatic of solar panel performance issues, whilst electroluminescence (EL) testing can identify inactive strings and micro cracking, amongst other issues.

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Support

Our team of solar PV experts provide 24/7 remote monitoring services to ensure plants continue to function at optimal efficiency. Continually analysing plant performance allows us to pre-emptively detect potential issues, and if required, dispatch specialised engineers to ensure plant downtime is minimised. 

Detailed Annual System Performance Reporting

Comprehensive and timely reporting are the cornerstone of asset integrity. Delivered annually, these reports provide you with a professional overview of the key performance data achieved by your plant. 

CPS National 100% Performance Guarantee

We take pride in shouldering all performance risk from our partners when contracted as their Solar PV Operations and Maintenance provider. CPS National provide all our partners with a 100% performance guarantee on your Solar PV O&M investment. 

Health, Safety & Environment

We understand that each Solar PV plant involves its own unique health, safety and environmental challenges. We are committed to working with our partners to provide a range of services to manage these unique HSE challenges.

Spare Parts Management

We provide our clients’ access to an extensive inventory of used parts for use should a fault be detected. Access to this inventory ensures continued operation at capacity, eliminating the extensive downtime typically experienced while waiting on an OEM provider. 

Remote Area Subcontracting

At CPS National, we recognise the importance of engaging with the remote local communities in which we operate. Whenever circumstances allow, we seek to subcontract works to our professional local partners. Engaging with these communities results in a number of local area community benefits, whilst also minimising plant downtime. 

For further information on how CPS National’s robust Operations and Maintenance plans can support your solar PV asset, contact us.