Medium and Large Scale Solar

At CPS National, we specialise in developing solar energy solutions up to 150MW, including hybrid integration and battery storage solutions, to provide reliable power stepped up to distribution and transmission voltages.

Since 2000, we have delivered many renewable projects across Australia, including Yulara, Exmouth, Karratha and Onslow Stage 1 and 2.

solar medium scale 1MW EPC

Key Capabilities

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Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC)

operations and maintenance

Operations & Maintenance Services (O&M)

solar pv testing and analysis

Solar PV Testing & Analysis

asset condition monitoring

Asset Condition & Safety Monitoring

Project Focus – Onslow Stage 2

Onslow stage 2 microgrid

Deemed to be one of Australia’s largest and most advanced micro-grid projects, Horizon Power, Western Australia’s regional grid operator has bought together a mix of gas-fired power, utility-scale solar and battery storage in the town of Onslow.

CPS National was contracted by Horizon Power for the full engineer, procure and construct (EPC) of the 1.05MW AC / 1.114MWp solar farm that was connected to the new module 5.25MW gas fired power station. Completed in 2019 the project delivers enough reliable power for half the towns residences.

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engineer procure contruct

Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC)

CPS operates as a complete Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) however in conjunction with consortia partners, can also execute as an Independent Power Provider (IPP) under a Build, Own, Operate (BOO) model. Full end to end project management (design/supply/install) through to supply line of hybrid power products, remote diagnostics along with maintenance contracts are all part of the holistic service offering.

As part of Ampcontrol Group, CPS National have a robust domestic and international supply chain, coupled with key vertical integration capabilities to make sure any project is a success for owners and investors.

For more information on CPS National’s EPC solutions, click here.

feasibility study

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies are generally studies and reports pertaining to the feasibility of a project, or to obtain technical advice or insights as part of the early stages of a projects timeline. A feasibility study could alter a projects design, or even earmark a project as unviable. Usually however, it highlights relevant technical and commercial aspects that guide design, planning and commissioning.

Study outcomes may include:

  • Cost estimates and financial modelling
  • Location and civil works analysis
  • Technical feasibility and grid connection

For more information on Feasibility Studies, click here.

Feasibility study

Owner’s Engineering Services

Owner Engineer refers to an individual, company or team of experts who act as an independent advocate for the owner of a power project.

CPS National offer Owner’s Engineer Services for projects ranging from large scale solar, microgrid development to stand alone power system design and integration.

With a team of experienced engineers, and further resources through the Ampcontrol Group, CPS National are well placed to act as an advocate to ensure design and build quality, as well as project timelines are met.

For more information on Owner’s Engineer services, click here.


BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are crucial to the increased adoption of de-centralised power infrastructure models. The rapid advancements achieved within the battery storage space have added significant value to commercial and utility scale renewable power generation models.

CPS National can source and integrate Battery Energy Storage Systems into both established and newly designed medium to large scale solar arrays. Contact us for more information regarding the benefits BESS technology can provide your commercial or utility-scale solar array.

For more information on BESS, click here.

operations and maintenance

Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

An Operations and Maintenance (O&M) plan should be developed and adhered to in order to maintain efficient output from the Solar PV plant. Effective O&M programs provide many valuable benefits including:

  • Increased asset revenue through plant production optimisation
  • Long-term protection of asset 
  • Ongoing compliance with any regulatory alterations

CPS National provide a comprehensive Operations and Maintenance program to ensure sustained efficient operation of the solar PV plant. 

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operations and maintenance

Condition and Safety Monitoring

Incorporating automatic early warning of asset deterioration through continuous monitoring.

Together with Captech, another Ampcontrol Group company, we can provide automatic early warning of deterioration of your entire electrical asset through continuous monitoring. Often more emphasis is put on PV output and not the condition and safety elements of the electrical system.

With our BENDER product we offer a complete solution. The ‘PowerScout’ software and devices such as a Power Quality Meter, Earth Fault, Insulation and Load Current Monitors facilitate first rate predictive maintenance.

For more information on Condition and Safety Monitoring click here.

solar pv testing analysis

Solar PV Testing and Analysis

Linking site data with your asset management systems

We understand the operational value of your assets which is why we are focused on optimization to ensure continuous availability. We take our role of data collection very seriously and our continual analysis of your assets is aimed at extending the equipment’s longevity. As part of the Ampcontrol Group we can carry out a broad range of services.

As part of our analysis and testing regime, we provide the following detailed reports:

  • Drone images and reports
  • Hand IR reports
  • IV Curve test reports
  • Electroluminescence (EL) testing
  • VOC test reports
  • AC analysis reports
  • DC analysis reports
  • HV reports
  • Oil sampling reports

Assigning ongoing analysis and rectification of your electrical assets to CPS National provides the assurance of optimum performance and availability.

For more information on Solar PV Testing and Analysis click here.

Solar Analysis and Rectification Brochure
Case Study Electroluminescence Testing
Case Study Solar Panel Analysis

Watch our Testing and Analysis video

Our Typical Solar Project Approach

Audit Consult


Our in-house consultancy services are first class. Our comprehensive feasibility studies and site audits set our clients up for project success.
Design Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

Our in-house engineers custom-design power generation infrastructure to client requirements. Our dedicated assembly facilities are accredited to Australian Standards.
Supply Commission


We supply, install and commission all equipment to ensure safe and correct operation onsite.
Monitor Maintain

Monitor and Maintain

We provide ongoing local and remote monitoring of equipment, coupled with service support to ensure optimum performance and up-time.


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