Solar PV and Renewables

Renewable Power

Renewable energy is a process of using natural resources (for example solar, wind or hydropower) as a power source, compared to fossil fuels. At CPS National, we specialise in developing solar energy solutions up to what 12 megawatt, including robust hybrid, standalone or hybrid mine grid solutions (with or without storage) that provide effective, efficient and reliable power.

Since 2000, we have delivered many renewable projects across Australia, including Yulara, Exmouth, Karratha and Arnhem Land.

CPS National Critical Power Remote Area Power Renewables

Medium to Large Scale Solar

CPS operates as a complete Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) however in conjunction with consortia partners, can also execute as an Independent Power Provider (IPP) under a Build, Own, Operate (BOO) model. Full end to end project management (design/supply/install) through to supply line of hybrid power products, remote diagnostics along with maintenance contracts are all part of the holistic service offering.

Renewables Projects Completed

At CPS National we have broad experience as EPC and contracting to large scale solar projects.


We were contracted to design, supply, install and maintain a 1.8MWp solar PV system for Ayers Rock Resort in Yulara, Northern Territory. The 1.8MW installation comprised of five separate PV systems, ranging in size from 100kW to 1MW.

Some of the innovative features of this project involved remote control of the PV system power output via a web-based Energy Management System, and integration of real-time PV system power output values with the existing control system to ensure reliable and stable operation of the hybrid power station.

The specialist knowledge gained from the execution of this project has been applied to subsequent large scale solar PV installation.

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yulara solar project farm

Marble Bar/Nullagine

The world-first solar diesel power stations built by Horizon Power in the east Pilbara generate more than 1000 MWh (or 1 GWh) of renewable electricity per year, which is 30 per cent of the towns annual energy demand. CPS National was contracted by Sunpower and was accountable for the electrical, mechanical and civil contracting of the PV system. The towns have been receiving reliable supply of power since the commissioning of Marble Bar in May 2010 and Nullagine in October 2010. The state-of-the-art power stations incorporate single axis tracking solar farms with diesel technology and short-term energy storage systems. This combination of technology was the first of its kind in the world and ensures a very high level of solar energy penetration into the towns’ networks and a reliable supply of power.

The power station generates 1,048 MWh of solar energy per year and provides 65 per cent of day time energy demand from solar power which in turn saves between 35-40 per cent diesel consumption per year (405,000 litres of fuel per year) whilst off setting 1100 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

marble bar solar farm nullagine


The Uterne project was developed by SunPower with the support of Power and Water Corporation and was recently purchased by Epuron. CPS National was accountable for the electrical, mechanical and civil construction of the project.

The $6.6M project had a rating of 1MW AC / 969kWp and utilized 3,048 x 318Wp Sunpower modules with 2 x 500kW Satcon central inverters. The annual output for the PV farm is 2,300MWh PA equivalent to 288 average Alice Springs homes a year and displaces 1,564 tons of CO2 per annum. At the time of installation, the Uterne Solar Power Station was the largest solar tracking system in Australia and received the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award at the Engineers Australia Northern Division Awards in August 2010.

uterne solar project farm

Onslow Stage 2

Deemed to be one of Australia’s largest and most advanced micro-grid projects, Horizon Power, Western Australia’s main grid operator has bought together a mix of gas-fired power, utility-scale solar and battery storage in the town of Onslow.

CPS National was contracted by Horizon Power for the full engineer, procure and construct (EPC) of the 1.05MW AC / 1.114MWp solar farm that was connected to the new module 5.25MW gas fired power station. Completed in 2019 the project delivers enough reliable power for half the towns residences.

CPS National Onslow Solar Project Stage 2

How we Typically Approach This

Audit Consult


We listen to our customers and work closely with them from the inception of a project to understand the unique requirements of all remote area power projects.
Design Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

Our system design is typically modular and all equipment and integration adheres rigorously to national engineering standards. We use industry leading technology and innovative and robust solutions, backed by our onsite manufacturing facilities in Sydney, NSW and Perth, WA.
Supply Commission


Due to the remote nature of project sites, special logistics are often used (for example barges or helicopters) to get staff and equipment to customer site’s that may be isolated by water or terrain that normal off road transport cannot access.
Monitor Maintain

Monitor and Maintain

We provide ongoing maintenance to our clients to keep their remote power infrastructure operating. Through our digitally enabled remote equipment monitoring, we can keep our clients up to date with the performance of their equipment and support them with field service to reduce downtime and ensure optimum performance when required.

Solar PV: Analysis and Rectification

1. Advanced Analysis and Testing

Linking site data with your asset management systems

We understand the operational value of your assets which is why we are focused on optimization to ensure continuous availability. We take our role of data collection very seriously and our continual analysis of your assets is aimed at extending the equipment’s longevity. As part of Ampcontrol Group we can carry out a broad range of services.

As part of our analysis and testing regime, we provide the following detailed reports:

  • Drone images and reports
  • Hand IR reports
  • IV Curve test reports
  • Electroluminescence (EL) testing
  • VOC test reports
  • AC analysis reports
  • DC analysis reports
  • HV reports
  • Oil sampling reports

Assigning ongoing analysis and rectification of your electrical assets to CPS National provides the assurance of optimum performance and availability.

solar analysis rectification drone ir imaging
Case Study Solar PV Electroluminescence (EL) Testing
Case Study Solar Panel Analysis After Mechanical Cleaning

2. Asset Condition and Safety Monitoring

Incorporating automatic early warning of asset deterioration through continuous monitoring

Together with Captech, another Ampcontrol Group company, we can provide automatic early warning of deterioration of your entire electrical asset through continuous monitoring. Often more emphasis is put on PV output and not the safety elements of the electrical system.

A solar farm is not just inverters, it is kilometres of cables, thousands of PV modules, hundreds of junction boxes, dozens of inverters and other associated switchgear. And a solar farm is not like any other electrical installation. It is subjected to moisture, temperature, over-voltage, dust, lightning and rodent or mechanical damage. All of these factors can have a negative effect on electrical insulation and system availability.

The BENDER product offers a complete solution. The ‘PowerScout’ software and devices such as a Power Quality Meter, Earth Fault, Insulation and Load Current Monitors that provide predictive maintenance.

solar analysis rectification drone ir imaging monitoring electrical safety
Solar Analysis and Rectification Brochure

Project References

CPS National critical remote area power renewables

We were contracted to design and build a fully-transportable solar-powered retail fuel outlet in Onslow, Western Australia. The project allows for Caltex Australia to supply 24-hour access to diesel in remote parts of the Pilbara Region.

CPS National critical remote area power renewables

We were contracted to design, supply, install and maintain a 1.8MWp solar PV system for Ayers Rock Resort in Yulara, Northern Territory. The 1.8MW installation comprised of five separate PV systems, ranging in size from 100kW to 1MW.