Renewable Power

Renewable energy is a process of using natural resources (for example solar, wind or hydropower) as a power source, compared to fossil fuels. At CPS National, we specialise in developing solar energy solutions up to what 12 megawatt, including robust hybrid, standalone or hybrid mine grid solutions (with or without storage) that provide effective, efficient and reliable power.

Since 2000, we have delivered many renewable projects across Australia, including Yulara, Exmouth, Karratha and Arnhem Land.

CPS National Critical Power Remote Area Power Renewables

CPS Solar Hybrid System

A CPS Solar Hybrid System provides cost effective, efficient and reliable DC power in off-grid and bad-grid areas. The system is integrated with a controller for multiple energy sources, enabling easy deployment, flexible evolution and priority power assignments.


  • 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC Solar Hybrid System
  • A single controller manages the power solution end-to-end, seamlessly selecting the priority source.
  • System can use any combination of diesel, solar and wind power sources to drive DC power application
  • MPPT-enabled solar converters/charge controller maximize solar energy production and protect your PV investment
  • High temperature graded components avoid the need for special cooling
  • N+1 redundancy a single-event fault will not compromise system performance or application availability
  • TCP-IP or SNMP or MODBUS network based power management
  • Custom Design to meet site requirement
  • IP20, IP42 or IP56 fan filtered/air conditioning cabinets to operate up to 55 degrees Celsius for indoor and outdoor applications

CPS Solar Cube

The CPS Solar Cube is designed to supply continuous power without the needs for mains power. Using a combination of solar arrays and battery bank, the Solar Cube is customisable to various voltages and capacities and can be designed with or without a backup generator. The Solar Cube can be deployed in any remote application where access to mains power is unavailable or unreliable.


  • Designed to suit specific load requirements
  • Typical voltages are 12VDC and 24VDC
  • Battery backup requirements can be designed to cover hours to days if required
  • All Solar Cubes are tested before installation and commissioned onsite by experiences technicians who hold relevant Electrical Contracting licences
  • Process backed by AS/NZS4801

How we Typically Approach This

Audit Consult


We listen to our customers and work closely with them from the inception of a project to understand the unique requirements of all remote area power projects.
Design Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

Our system design is typically modular and all equipment and integration adheres rigorously to national engineering standards. We use industry leading technology and innovative and robust solutions, backed by our onsite manufacturing facilities in Sydney, NSW and Perth, WA.
Supply Commission


Due to the remote nature of project sites, special logistics are often used (for example barges or helicopters) to get staff and equipment to customer site’s that may be isolated by water or terrain that normal off road transport cannot access.
Monitor Maintain

Monitor and Maintain

We provide ongoing maintenance to our clients to keep their remote power infrastructure operating. Through our digitally enabled remote equipment monitoring, we can keep our clients up to date with the performance of their equipment and support them with field service to reduce downtime and ensure optimum performance when required.


CPS National critical remote area power renewables

We were contracted to design and build a fully-transportable solar-powered retail fuel outlet in Onslow, Western Australia. The project allows for Caltex Australia to supply 24-hour access to diesel in remote parts of the Pilbara Region.

CPS National critical remote area power renewables

We were contracted to design, supply, install and maintain a 1.8MWp solar PV system for Ayers Rock Resort in Yulara, Northern Territory. The 1.8MW installation comprised of five separate PV systems, ranging in size from 100kW to 1MW.