Gilghi Remote Area Water

Off-grid containerised water treatment plant

The Gilghi remote water unit uses advance filtering technology and is a breakthrough water solution.

With a range of configurations and a plug and play commissioning process, the Gilghi is a simple solution to a variety of applications.

gilghi off grid solar water treatment
Gilghi remote water solar

Scalable output. Base unit 28kL per day

Gilghi remote water solar

Multiple power options

Gilghi remote water solar

Delivered complete to site

Gilghi remote water solar

Remote monitoring

Gilghi remote water solar

Filtration, sterilisation, reverse osmosis

gilghi remote area water

Customisable and scalable

The Gilghi unit is engineered as a standard or typical unit that allows for reconfiguration and scalability.

Standard Configuration

cps national remote area water

Gilghi Key Features

  • Able to produce potable water to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG)
  • Capable of operating completely off grid or with a grid connection
  • Scalable and modular in design, standard unit produces up to 28kL/day
  • Low maintenance and all consumables are easily replaced in the field
  • Factory tested prior to delivery

Power Options

The unit uses a stand-alone hybrid power supply utilising:

  • photovoltaic solar power generation
  • battery storage
  • diesel back-up generator
  • 240V mains power adapter
  • power quality and voltage optimisation inbuilt

Remote Monitoring

The system offers either a 3G/4G or iridium satellite link for remote monitoring and alarming of the power system and water treatment plant diagnostics. Additional ability to log on-ground prestarts/maintenance to the cloud.

Hydrology Design

Recognised leaders in the water sector, Aurecon custom design the treatment system required for each application. Depending on feedwater quality, this may range from basic filtration and sterilisation through to complete reverse osmosis systems.

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Benefits – Regional and remote communities

Water supply in remote Australia is getting harder due to prolonged drought and aging infrastructure. At the same time Australia aspires to higher standards and better outcomes through commitments to United Nations Sustainable Development Guidelines on water and Closing the Gap for Indigenous equality.

To this end, Gilghi host a range of community and health benefits beyond simply supplying clean water.

remote water filtration health

Better Health and Wellbeing

Gilghi delivers clean and appealing drinking water. By removing contaminants such as metals, bacteria and viruses Gilghi delivers output that far exceeds the Australian Drinking Water Guideline requirements. Water produced by Gilghi is dialysis approved.

remote water filtration community

Local Employment and Reliable Support

Gilghi is designed to be serviced and supported by people in the communities it serves. After commissioning and basic training local people / businesses can be competent to provide first line services to Gilghi which in turn supports local jobs.

remote water filtration health

Less Pollution

Gilghi is driven by an integrated renewables led power system which minimizes emissions during operation. In addition, putting a Gilghi system in place can reduce vehicle emissions as the need for water tanker deliveries are eliminated taking vehicles off the roads.

remote water filtration health

Plug and Play Installation & Redeployment

The Gilghi unit is manufactured to the required specifications and tested in our workshops enabling plug and play installation and commissioning. This enables the unit to be readily redeployed to meet future needs.

remote water filtration cost

Highly Competitive Lifetime Costs

Gilghi’s smart approach to the power system to deliver leading water treatment technologies means the infrastructure cost is highly competitive with traditional approaches both for upfront and ongoing costs.

remote water filtration

More Resilience

By placing a Gilghi unit next to the water source, water supply is protected from issues than can interrupt transporting water by pipes or road as well as major breakdowns at large centralized infrastructure.

remote water filtration health wifi

Community Infrastructure

Beyond providing clean water, Gilghi can become a piece of critical remote infrastructure by extending its power and communications capability to provide added benefits such as Wi-Fi hotspot or satellite comms and USB charging ports to the unit.

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gilghi cps national remote area water filtration purification

Gilghi – installed in the Northern Territory

The Gilghi unit is engineered as a standard or typical unit that allows for reconfiguration and scalability.

The container size, solar array, batteries and power systems can be configured to generate the required power to output 28kL per day, including the filtering, sterilisation and reverse osmosis in the standard unit.

Customised engineering together with Gilghi’s scalability allows for increased energy output, filtration variables and higher permeate water output – up to 250kL per day.

The Gillen Bore water treatment unit is sponsored by the Northern Territory Government through the Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development.

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