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Remote Area Power

What is Remote Area Power?

Remote area power is an off-grid electricity solution for locations that do not have access to a traditional electricity distribution system.

Within a remote area power solution, there is typically more than one method of generating electricity, for example solar, hybrid or diesel power generation.

Power storage for a remote area solution can be implemented through batteries.

What we do

Our business was built on delivering sustainable power solutions to some of the most remote parts of Australia. A typical solution could include a range of different power infrastructure, from solar or hybrid systems, through to rectifiers, DC power systems and DC power plants.

When it comes to the installation and commissioning of solutions, we have an extensive suite of specialist vehicles to aid in delivery, from custom 4WD’s and flatbeds, through to caravans to support accommodation requirements for projects delivered into remote areas.

CPS National Critical Power Remote Area Power

How we Typically Approach This

Audit Consult


We listen to our clients and work closely with them from the beginning of a project to understand the unique requirements of all remote area power projects.
Design Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

Our system design is typically modular and all equipment and integration adheres rigorously to Australian Standards. We use industry leading technology and innovative and robust solutions, backed by our onsite manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Perth.
Supply Commission


Due to the remote nature of project sites, special logistics are often used (for example barges or helicopters) to get staff and equipment to customer site’s that may be isolated by water or terrain that normal off road transport cannot access.
Monitor Maintain

Monitor and Maintain

We provide ongoing maintenance to our clients to keep their remote power infrastructure operating. Through our digitally enabled remote equipment monitoring, we can keep our clients up to date with the performance of their equipment and support them with field service to reduce downtime and ensure optimum performance when required.

Where are remote area power solutions typically deployed?

A remote area power solution will be deployed in geographical regions of Australia where there is limited or no access to traditional power sources. Example of these sites may include:

  • Isolated communications towers
  • Mining operations
  • Isolated commercial and residential premises
  • Remote fueling stations


CPS National critical remote area power renewables

We completed a project for the Victorian Emergency Services Network to replace batteries at over 100 sites within a 150km radius of Melbourne, including conducting battery testing and site reporting to a limited timeline, varied weather conditions and site access.

CPS National critical remote area power renewables

We completed a Power Viability Audit Report of remote mobile communications facilities to identify and assess the capacity of transformers, mains and sub-mains cabling, protective devices, measured loads and the maximum AC power demand of installed equipment.

remote solar energy project cps national

CPS National installed solar systems at SA Water’s Umuwa UV disinfection facility, Indulkana RO plant site and Watinuma UV treatment hut.