CPS and project partner, Aurecon, have designed an innovative water treatment plant with standalone hybrid power supply utilising a combination of photovoltaic power generation, diesel backup and battery storage.

Designed to meet the demanding environmental conditions of isolated communities and locations, this solution represents a scalable and economic answer to effective remote water treatment.

Key Features

  • Able to produce potable water to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG)
  • Capable of operating completely off grid or with a grid connection
  • Scalable and modular in design to achieve up to 28kL/per day of clean water from a single module
  • Low maintenance and all consumables are easily replaced in the field

Site Assessment and Analysis

Each site has unique water treatment requirements and usage profiles. Our service includes detailed site assessments, water sample analysis and client consultation to determine the solution required.

Hydrology Design

Recognised leaders in the water sector, Aurecon custom design the treatment system required for each application. Depending on feedwater quality, this may range from basic filtration and sterilisation through to complete reverse osmosis systems.

Engineering, Integration and Manufacturing

CPS engineered the Containerised Energy Centre and the treatment plant. The integrated solution is fully commissioned and wet tested prior to leaving the workshop.

Containerised Solution

This 20 foot container encompasses the solar array, energy module and process module as one complete system. The system includes a webserver with either 3G/4G or irridium satellite link for remote monitoring of the power system and water treatment plant, as well as maintenance.

Download the PDF here