CPS National was contracted to engineer, procure and construct a behind the meter, grid tie system with generation management in Karratha, Western Australia.

At the time of installation, the Karratha Airport Solar Farm was the only project in Australia where the Cloud Predictive Technology system has been deployed and integrated with the Solar Farm control PLC to provide PV output curtailment prior to cloud events occurring. The system instigates battery support to ensure a controlled PV ramp down during sudden cloud events (required by the utility to minimise step load on mini-grid generators).

CPS National designed the complete system including procurement and commissioning of:

  • 3104 x 340Wp SunEdison SE-R340BMC-39 monocrystalline modules (1.05MWp) with Schletter ground mound driven piles (Wind Region D)
  • SMA Sunny Tripower STP25000TL-30 (3ph) (x40) string inverters
  • Selectronic SPLC 1202 (x18) battery inverters
  • Enersys SBS170F 12V monobloc (VRLA) (Ah 170Ah c10 / 111Ah c1) (x180) with a total capacity of 3060Ah c10 / 1992Ah c1 (120VDC)

Karratha Airport is recognised by the utility as a benchmark and pioneer in how to reduce the requirement and reliance on battery storage to manage intermittency issues on mini or micro grids. This solution reduces the associated costs of systems and in turn increases PV uptake.

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