CPS National was contracted to design, supply, install and maintain a 1.8MWp solar PV system for Ayers Rock Resort in Yulara, NT. The 1.8MW installation is comprised of five separate PV systems ranging in size from around 100 kW to 1MW.

Some of the innovative features of this project involved:

  • Remote control of PV system power output via web-based Energy Management System
  • Integration of real-time PV system power output values with existing control system to ensure reliable and stable operation of the hybrid power station

There were some challenges involved in the installation of the project, including working within a remote location, minimising disruption to the operation of the hotel, working in extreme heat and completing night works.

To solve this, CPS undertook detailed logistics planning, carefully managed the wellbeing of staff and subcontractors with restricted hours and factored high ambient temperatures into the design of the electrical circuit protection.

Ultimately, the high quality project was delivered within the agreed scope and specifications, and is achieving cost savings and carbon emission reductions that far exceed the initial design predictions.

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