CPS National were contracted by a major telecommunications company to undertake the design, installation and commissioning of a 50kW 48V DC power plant to support a key strategic telephone exchange site in Woolloongabba, Queensland.

Typically, installation of a 48V DC power plant would occur within a purpose built power and battery room, or failing that, a dedicated location within the communications equipment room. However, that space could not be afforded for this project, leading the CPS National team to design an alternative solution that integrated the power plant into the existing structure of the communications equipment.

Adding superstructure above and below the existing infrastructure, the CPS National team undertook the design, installation and commissioning of a dual-redundant 50kW 48V DC power plant with the inclusion of 10 48V strings of 190Ah batteries. The team then completed the live migration of all existing 48V DC loads onto the newly installed power plant without any network equipment interruption.

CPS National provided engineering consultancy to certify the structural loading and mechanical supports of the non-standard newly designed system, of which was designed to enable future system growth without impact on equipment performance.

The CPS National team delivered the design, installation, commissioning and load migration on time and to a typically high standard.

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