CPS National was contracted to engineer flexible and serviceable 48V DC power systems coupled with separate DC power distribution racks in consultation with a major communications company.

The systems addressed the following issues:

  • Reliance on individual rectifier suppliers
  • Long lead-times and price fluctuations on rectifier/controller equipment
  • The high cost of replacing existing rectifier racks and migrating DC load cabling
  • Protection from end-of-life issues with rectifier equipment

The benefits of the units are that multiple vendors rectifier/controller equipment can be installed and commissioned within the same chassis layout, giving the customer the option to select rectifier equipment for the system based upon price and availability.

The rectifier equipment can easily be removed and replaced in the event of an equipment failure, an upgrade to capacity or when the equipment reaches end of life.
The client is able to deploy a new rectifier rack easily without having to disconnect and reconnect DC load cables.

The distribution racks built by CPS National also provide an improvement in the capacity of each distribution point (1000A compared with 600A for other DC power systems previously used by the customer).

Download the PDF here