CPS National was contracted to replace an existing 100kW DC power plant with a 250kW power plant in the same location. This involved migrating all loads and batteries from the existing power plant to a temporary DC power plant while the existing power plant was removed and the new power plant installed and commissioned. This was followed by the migration of all loads and batteries to the new power plant.

The quantity and size of the cables to be migrated along with the amount of current they were carrying presented some operational challenges. These were overcome by comprehensive on and off site planning including detailed cataloguing of all cables and loads to eliminate the possibility of any errors during the two phases of migration. Specific migration procedures were developed and documented for each type of load to ensure there was no loss of power to any load during the migration process.

The project also included the need to shut down major AC switchboards on site for the replacement of circuit breakers, reconfiguration of existing AC feed cables and installation of additional AC feed cables to the new power plant. This was programmed and managed by CPS and the client to ensure no loss of supply to services during the shutdown periods.

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