Industrial Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a vital support mechanism used to ensure the continued operation of industrial grade infrastructure. Commonly applied to support critical infrastructure, UPS provides access to continued power supply in the event of a mains failure.

In the event of a short-lived power failure, the industrial grade UPS will provide the critical infrastructure with power stored within its battery banks until mains power supply is restored. In the event of a major outage, the UPS will provide a reliable power supply to the critical infrastructure component for as long as it’s capacity allows, providing operators with a window of time to facilitate the connection of a secondary power generation source, often a diesel generator.

CPS National’s industrial grade UPS systems offer significant value to a broad industry selection including aviation, utilities, hospitals, oil and gas, mining and rail, amongst others.

industrial uninterruptible power supplies

Key Features:

  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Modular design with 2N+1 redundancy
  • TCP-IP or SNMP or MODBUS network based power management
  • Manual and static bypass for AC applications
  • Custom design to meet site requirements
  • IP20, IP42 or IP56 fan filtered/air conditioning cabinets to operate up to 55 degrees celcius in indoor and outdoor applications

Key Benefits:

  • A cost effective, fit for purpose and customised solution for wide-scale utilisation
  • A high efficiency output that promotes valuable energy costs savings
  • A higher uptime availability due to frequency and voltage regulation, with the system correcting poor frequency and unsuitable voltage conditions without engaging the battery
  • A space saving footprint as a result of full front access
  • Modular, interchangeable charging and inverter modules

CPS National can design, commission and install industrial grade Uninterruptible Power Supply systems to suit a number of industry applications. From remote signaling and telecommunications network exchanges to data centres, CPS National can implement an appropriate UPS solution to safeguard your critical infrastructure from a mains power failure.

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