Mobile and Telecommunications Network Exchange Power Systems

The traditional telecommunication exchange has undergone significant transformation on the back of continued expansion works from the major telecommunications providers over recent years. No longer used to simply switch and connect phone lines, network exchanges now house a range of telecommunications equipment including fibre network servers, mobile network antennas and base stations, the vast majority of which operates on 48VDC power.

Predominantly powered by the AC charged electrical grid, rectifiers are installed to convert the AC waveform to DC. This DC electricity both powers the telecommunications equipment housed within the exchange and feeds back into the battery storage system to provide a source of uninterruptible power supply.

The need for a continuous, reliable power supply for ongoing operation adds an additional layer of complexity to any telecommunications exchange maintenance or upgrade works. Backed by over 20 years of experience, CPS National are experts in the execution of live DC cut-overs within mission critical applications. The pre-migration of all loads onto a temporary DC power plant facilitates the completion of works on the pre-existing system whilst ensuring no interruptions to the existing loads.

Furthermore, CPS National’s comprehensive battery offering acts to safeguard your DC power plant from age-induced failures, ensuring your critical infrastructure is supported by a fully operational secondary power supply.

mobile telco power systems

CPS National have amassed significant experience in the design, commissioning, testing and upgrading of DC power plants for use in mobile and telecommunication network exchanges. For further information on our telecommunications exchange power system solutions and the benefit they could provide your organisation, contact us.

Project Focus – Design, Installation and Commissioning of 48VDC Power Plant

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CPS National were contracted by a major telecommunications company to undertake the design, installation and commissioning of a 50kW 48V DC power plant to support a key strategic telephone exchange site in Woolloongabba, Queensland.

Adding superstructure above and below the existing infrastructure, the CPS National team undertook the design, installation and commissioning of a dual-redundant 50kW 48V DC power plant with the inclusion of 10 48V strings of 190Ah batteries. The team then completed the live migration of all existing 48V DC loads onto the newly installed power plant without any network equipment interruption.

The CPS National team delivered the design, installation, commissioning and load migration on time and to a typically high standard.

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