Remote Area Signalling and Communications Power Supplies

CPS National’s remote area signalling and communication power supply solutions provide significant benefit for application within the rail industry.

Used to safely guide trains through complex rail networks, rail signalling infrastructure is a crucial component of the rail network. As is the nature with large scale rail networks, time-complexities mean one signal outage has the to potential create widespread disruption across the network. In remote areas, signal integrity is paramount due to the increased response times associated with their isolated location.

CPS National’s Solar Cube DC, a rapidly deployable stand-alone DC power source, was engineered to provide a source of continuous power supply for DC power loads situated within remote locations. The Solar Cube DC represents an ideal power solution to support remote area rail signalling infrastructure.

Solar Cube DC

Utilising small solar panels and battery storage technology to provide a reliable power supply, CPS National’s Solar Cube DC provides 100% of the rail signalling infrastructures required load in the event of traditional power supply failure.

Designed for remote application where a reliable power supply is essential, CPS National’s Solar Cube DC is an ideal solution to the challenges associated with continual power supply for remote area signalling applications.

The Solar Cube DC integrates solar panels, battery storage and an optional back-up diesel generator, providing a compact and weatherproof remote area power solution.

remote signalling power system


  • Designed and engineered to power small loads
  • Low maintenance due to no in-built generator
  • Small footprint
  • Skid mounted design allows for easy relocation and minimal installation time on-site
  • Integrated remote monitoring and control capabilities


  • Standardised 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC load specific iterations
  • Solar regulators are MPPT maximum power point trackers
  • Moxa high temp ethernet switch
  • High temperature rated
  • Sun shields to keep direct sun radiation
  • Stainless steel hinges and locks
  • 49kWh battery at the 50 hour rate

CPS National’s Solar Cube DC is the ideal solution for powering remote area rail signalling infrastructure. Our extensive experience positions us as experts in the design, supply, manufacture and commissioning of critical power systems for utilisation within the rail industry. For further information on our DC power solutions and their application within the rail industry, contact us.

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