Battery Systems

With extensive experience amassed pertaining to the supply, design and installation of battery systems, CPS National will ensure that your battery systems and battery operated equipment continue to operate efficiently.

From industrial battery chargers to an all-encompassing battery system service offering, CPS National’s expert technicians will ensure your battery systems continue to operate at full capacity.

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Battery Supply, Testing, Servicing and Replacement

Efficient and reliable battery systems are crucial to the ongoing integrity of your DC power systems. CPS National provide a holistic battery service offering, encompassing the entire life-cycle of the battery module.

From the initial supply of an appropriate battery solution to solve your DC power problems, mid-life testing and servicing, through to the end-of-life battery replacement, CPS National’s specialised technicians will work to ensure your batteries continue to function efficiently.

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Battery Chargers

Designed and engineered for operation within the harsh conditions found on industrial work-sites, CPS National’s industrial battery chargers provide significant value to work-sites Australia wide. Able to be manufactured up to 150 Amps, these industrial battery chargers are a vital addition to any work site, ensuring critical power tools remain charged and available for operation throughout the day.

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Project Focus – Large-scale Battery Replacement

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CPS National was contracted to complete a project for the Victorian Emergency Services network to replace batteries at over 100 sites within a 150km radius of Melbourne. In addition, CPS National also conducted battery testing and site reporting.

There was a limited time frame and delivery of the project was not without its challenges. Some sites in the mountain regions within National Parks and Water Boards had access issues, and others couldn’t be reached without the use of a 4WD. Changing weather conditions and the transport of large batteries for delivery and installation coupled with the removal of obsolete batteries posed challenges at times.

In the end, the project was delivered on time, met the proposed objectives and no safety issues were encountered.

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Completed Projects