DC and Critical Power Systems

Direct Current (DC) power refers to the unidirectional flow of electric charge and is most commonly produced by sources such as solar cells and batteries.

Widely utilised within telecommunication network exchanges, data centres and rail networks amongst others, DC power systems are often applied in conjunction with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to safeguard critical infrastructure from power failure.

Key Capabilities

dc power rail signalling

Remote Area Signalling

DCpower systems telecommunications

Telecommunications Power Systems

dc critical power ups industrial

Industrial Grade UPS

battery systems

Battery Systems

DC Power Plants

Offering significant flexibility in their application, DC power plants provide power solutions to a diverse range of industries. CPS National have developed extensive experience applying DC power systems to support mobile and telecommunications network exchanges, rail signalling networks, data centres and remote power plants.

Complementary to the product offering, CPS National offer extensive DC power servicing to support your DC power plant. CPS National’s DC power services include:

Live Cut-overs

Experts in the live cut-over of DC loads, CPS National can replace or upgrade your existing DC power plant without interruption to the usual load supply. This seamless transition is achieved by pre-migrating all loads onto a temporary DC power plant whilst upgrade works are undertaken on the existing system.

DC Power Plant Design and Commissioning

With manufacturing facilities located in both Sydney and Perth, CPS National possess the scope to design, manufacture and commission DC power solutions for application anywhere in Australia. Drawing on our position within the wider Ampcontrol Group, clients can have confidence that their DC power projects are backed by market leading electrical engineering expertise.

remote signalling power

Remote Area Signalling and Communications Power Supplies

CPS National’s remote area signalling and communication power supply solutions provide significant benefit for application within the rail industry.

CPS National’s Solar Cube DC, a rapidly deployable stand-alone DC power source, was engineered to provide a source of uninterruptible power supply for DC power loads situated within remote locations. The DC Solar Cube represents an ideal power solution to support remote area rail signalling infrastructure.

For more information on CPS National’s capabilities and remote power solutions for application within the rail industry, see our remote area signalling page here.

mobile telco power systems

Mobile and Telecommunications Network Exchange Power Systems

The traditional telephone exchange has undergone significant transformation on the back of continued expansion works from the major telecommunications providers over recent years. No longer used to simply switch and connect phone lines, network exchanges now house a range of telecommunications equipment including fibre network servers, mobile network antennas and base stations, the vast majority of which operates on 48VDC power.

CPS National have amassed significant experience in the design, commissioning, testing and upgrading of DC power plants for use in mobile and telecommunication network exchanges. For further information on our capabilities within the telecommunications industry, see our telecommunications network power systems page here.

industrial uninterruptible power supplies

Industrial Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a vital support mechanism used to ensure the continued operation of industrial grade infrastructure. Commonly applied to support critical infrastructure, UPS provides access to continued power supply in the event of a mains failure.

CPS National can design, commission and install industrial grade Uninterruptible Power Systems to suit a number of industry applications. From remote signaling and telecommunications network exchanges to data centres, CPS National can implement a UPS solution to provide your critical infrastructure with protection from mains power failure.

For further information on our UPS offerings, go to our industrial grade UPS page here.

batteries bess

Battery Systems

With extensive experience amassed pertaining to the supply, design and installation of battery systems, CPS National will ensure that your battery systems and battery operated equipment continue to operate efficiently.

From industrial scale battery chargers that can be manufactured up to 150 Amps, to a battery supply, testing, servicing and replacement offering that safeguards your battery systems at each key stage of their life-cycle, CPS National’s battery system expertise provides you with piece of mind that your battery powered equipment will continue to operate efficiently.

For more information on our battery solutions, go to our battery solutions page here.

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Project Focus – Identification and Rectification of Potential Telecommunication Network Issues

remote telecommunications

Following a failure on a critical interstate site, an Australian telecommunications customer contracted CPS National to conduct a detailed review and testing program on over 40 NSW based sites to identify and rectify any issues that could cause an incident similar to that experienced at the interstate site.

The team conducted a visual inspection of all network infrastructure, tested the backup battery systems and provided detailed reports documenting all defects, test results, photos and recommendations for each site.

CPS National completed the requirements ahead of the customers expected schedule, identifying and rectifying a number of issues that may have provided a significant threat to the networks integrity.

Download the PDF here


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