Critical Power Systems

What is a critical power system solution?

A critical power system is designed to safeguard the operation of infrastructure that relies on an uninterrupted supply of power.

Critical power, or critical loads, can be both supplied by a variety of electricity sources and have emergency back-up.

CPS National can develop hybrid power systems for both cost efficiency and for supply consistency.

Our engineers are experienced in the design, build and deployment of UPS systems.

What we do

CPS National works directly with clients to offer independent consultation, design, manufacturing and maintenance for critical power solutions that can include one or a combination of the below equipment:

CPS National Critical Power

How we Typically Approach This

Audit Consult


Our in-house engineering team works closely with our clients to provide best practice consulting and auditing services for all critical power projects, so we understand what is important to your operation.
Design Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

When a system is designed to meet specific performance criteria, end users can be assured that the equipment will stand up to the application environment.
CPS National custom designs and manufactures solutions from our dedicated facilities in Perth and Sydney to ensure we are meeting both our client’s requirements and Australian Standards.
Supply Commission


We supply and commission all equipment we install to ensure the safe and correct operation of the critical power solution on the client’s site.
Monitor Maintain

Monitor and Maintain

Without regular service, the integrity a UPS and its batteries are unknown. By implementing a regular preventative maintenance program to monitor and perform system health checks, the equipment’s performance is reassured in the event of a power outage.

Where are critical power solutions typically deployed?

Critical power solutions can be deployed for clients across a range of different applications, for example data centres, communications, airports, hospitals, correctional facilities and major office buildings.


CPS National critical remote area power renewables

We replaced an existing 100kW DC power plant with a 250kW power plant in the same location, including migrating all loads and batteries for the install and commissioning of the new solution.

CPS National critical remote area power renewables

We were contracted to engineer flexible and serviceable 48V DC power systems, coupled with separate DC power distribution racks, in consultation with a major communications company.

dc critical power plant telecommunications

CPS National was contracted to replace a string of hazardous wet cell batteries with new VRLA batteries, whilst also refurbishing the equipment room.