Located in key regional centres across Australia, CPS National employs leading edge technology, including battery, solar and hybrid power solutions to deliver unique renewable and conventional power generation infrastructure.

Making a name for themselves in the telecommunications and resources industries, CPS National also provides power services to the mining, utilities, rail and aviation sectors.

Critical Power UPS

Critical Power

Our reliable systems ensure that the power stays on for our clients who have critical infrastructure that cannot go offline without impacting their business.

Remote Area Power

Remote Area Power

We provide customised power infrastructure and continuous service to our clients in some of the most remote regions of Australia.

Renewables Solar Power


We specialise in developing solar energy solutions, including standalone and hybrid solutions, that provide effective, efficient and reliable power.

off grid water filtration gilghi

Remote Area Water

Our off-grid containerised water filtering unit uses advance filtering technology and is a breakthrough solution for clean water in remote areas.

How We Work With Our Clients

We work closely with our clients to tailor a unique and innovative solution for their project requirements. Whether it is coordinating discrete components of a project, or supporting a complete design lifecycle, CPS National has the in-house expertise to deliver the greatest commercial and technological value to our clients.

CPS National Consultation


Our in-house engineering design and consultancy services are first class. Our comprehensive site audits set our clients up for project success.
CPS National Manufacturing

Design and Manufacture

We custom-design power generation infrastructure to client requirements. Our dedicated assembly facilities are accredited to Australian Standards.
CPS National Supply Commissioning

Supply and Commission

We supply, install and commission all equipment to ensure safe and correct operation onsite.
CPS National Monitoring

Monitor and Maintain

We provide ongoing local and remote monitoring of equipment, coupled with service support to ensure optimum performance and up-time.


CPS National critical remote area power renewables
Battery Replacement for Emergency Services Network
CPS National critical remote area power renewables
DC Replacement and Live Cut-Over
CPS National critical remote area power renewables
1.8MW Solar Photovoltaic System
CPS National critical remote area power renewables
High Capacity DC System